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Xcel Chassis 600 Modifieds pulls out of Grandview Sunday Small Car Series events.

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  • Xcel Chassis 600 Modifieds pulls out of Grandview Sunday Small Car Series events.

    Xcel Chassis 600 Modifieds pulls out of Grandview Sunday Small Car Series events.

    Despite a strong car count and exciting door to door racing action witnessed on Sunday May 20th, Xcel Chassis will no longer be participating in the Sunday Small Car Series (SSCS) held at Grandview Speedway. The reasons for the decision are based strictly on sound business practices.

    Doug Borger, Series President and the promoter for the SSCS could not come to an agreement after it was proposed that the 600 Modifieds take a significant reduction in the purse. Borger commented, "It's just not fair to the other tracks that support the 600 Modifieds over these past 7 years." He went on to say, "we've been firm with tracks about our pay structure. We believe that we provide a great product. Exciting racing, good car counts, with 3-4 pit passes per car, always staged on time, and we adhere to all of the tracks calls."

    Another concern was over tire wear. Putting a hurtin' to a right rear is to be expected with day show racing. However, many teams chewed up three to four tires during the event. Borger commented, "The 600 Modifieds have traditionally boasted really good tire wear. With tires being the #2 expense for the teams, the Series has rules to keep tire wear to a minimum." Borger felt that tire wear would cause many teams to make a tough decision on whether to return. "It's one thing to have a race or two over the course of a full season where tire wear is excessive, it's another to have six. I just didn't feel that SSCS was committed to addressing this problem."

    Again, it was stressed by Borger that this was a business decision in the best interests of the Series. The SSCS promoter has offered to allow 600 Modified teams an opportunity to still race in the events. It's important for teams to understand that the SSCS events are no longer sanctioned by the 600 Modified Series. Any teams that participate in the races will be penalized by the Series.

    Borger offered that, "we really wanted to be a part of the SSCS, and we hope that for the sake of local small car division teams, it will continue to be an option." You can contact Doug Borger at 610-681-2689 for more information.

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    It has been said by Doug Borger and the Xcel Modifieds that the reason they left was because of tire wear and that "we" (the SSCS) are not going to address this issue. The fact is that the real reason the 600 modifieds were let go was a money issue, when the series was created promoter pete Knappenberger and Doug Borger had a gentleman agreement to work together and make the series a success. The series lost money on the 600 mods and went to Doug and asked for him to renegotiate their agreement, it was at that time that Borger said there was no negotiation and the "price is the price".
    Both parties had agreed in the genteman's agreement they would do what it take to make the SSCS a success.

    Here is our official statement as far as tire wear, " we are going to do all we can to reduce tire wear at the Sunday races, lets face the facts, it is a day race and the track will dry out as a result of this, also this was the first race of the season for the SSCS, Kenny Rogers and the track maintenance crew is already looking into ways to fix the tire wear issue" Pete Knappenberger promoter of the SSCS said late Thursday afternoon.

    " I am a car owner and track promoter and I am concerned about the tire wear on Sunday, Kenny and I have discussed this several times since the first race on May 20TH." Knappenberger added.

    "As far as the statement that Doug Borger made "if any teams participate in the SSCS they will be penalized" all I have to say is WOW, I thought this was free country and teams could race were ever they wanted, if that is the case teams need to step back and think about the series and if it is worth the time and their effort.
    He (Doug Borger) controls the series like a monopoly and I thought that was illegal in this contry, If I owned a team I would sell my team and buy something that I can run where i want, that is just my opinion. Pete said in defense.
    I wanted to take the high road in this matter and part ways on good terms, but because lies are being told I have been forced to defend myself. Pete Knappenberger said, " we will be addressing the tire issue and we will do all we can to make this better for race teams."

    " I want to thank all the teams that came out on Sunday and I think that all dividsion put on one heck of a show, I hope that the teams that participated come back and give us a second chance, the next race is June 17th and by then I am sure that the track and tire wear issue will be resolved, Kenny Rogers is one of the best track prep guys in the business today and i have all the confidence in the world in him and his crew." Knappenberger said.

    Any comments or questions can be answered by e-mailing Pete at


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      Seeing eye to eye isn't gonna happen so let's move on for the betterment of everyone invovled and to ALL race teams that run week in and week out GOOD LUCK and while your taking in a race somewhere let's remember Men and Women fought and fight for us everyday so I say Thank YOU!!


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        Pete remember at that rude thing you called a drivers meeting the one thing you said is DONT post anything on the computer and you were the first one to blow your horn.Good luck getting any 600mods without Doug


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          This thread was started way before the response was