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    The month of September was definitely the hottest of the summer for Lebanon PA native Richie Hitzler. Fresh off his championship winning season at Lindas Speedway he was looking to hang the big $1000 check on the garage wall. " I can't believe the month I've had. We stayed focus thru out the season and the payoff shows. I love the time I get to spend with my dad and can't wait to do this with my son and he's still in diapers." laughed Hitzler after all cars were deemed legal.
    September 28th would see 35 Xcel Chassis modifieds pull into Lindas Speedway for the most anticipated race of the year that honors a man still thought of and truly missed. Doug Borger explained it best. " This is the only race where the drivers time trial and do the 4 car wide pace lap which honors Leon on his night. We have some drivers who are no longer running weekly but look for a ride just for this night. As Leon said to me "sometimes it's not about the money and more about the racing."
    Richie Hitzler would pick up right where he left off taking fast time with a 13.94 lap followed by Korey Inglin, Nick Mady and Ryan Higgs. Four heats and 2 consolations races would be needed to set the 24 car field with 2 drivers using a provisional.
    The modifieds wasted no time in heating things up thru out the field. Hitzler took the point on lap 1 with Nathan Brinker passing 3 cars coming into turn #4 on the first lap. Brinker and Abbey Price would share hard Charger with both moving up from the consolation race to finishing 9th and 12th. Korey Inglin would see his night end early with a broken fuel line fitting after winning his first heat race of his career.
    As the battle waged from the back, Hitzler had his own battle holding off Nick Mady until halfway when the caution would reset the field. Mady got the jump on Hitzler only to miss his mark , drift high giving Hitzler the opening he needed to take the top spot back. Will Eastman and Aaron Bowes not only were running for 3rd and 4th as only 5 points separated them for third place in the final points night of the season. Aaron Bowes would take third in the race and unofficially take third in the points. 2013 Tour Champion Jonathan Pepe would round out the top five and
    Ian Williamson earned the Rookie of the Year award with his finish of 15th. Ryan Higgs ,driving the 88 of Brian Horning for the first time, would give the Horning team their best finish for this race with 6th place.
    " I can't thank my family and sponsors enough with the support I get not only with the car but the other side as well. All the pieces have to fit for this to work . Myerstown Beverage completes the program. Now that all the points races are done and with three races left for the modifieds, it's really time to have fun and close out the season on a high note." stated Hitzler after his victory lane festivities were over.
    The Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds will head north for the remainder of the year. Five Mile Point will see the modifieds Oct. 11th and November 2nd with Penn Can Speedway seeing action on October 19th. The Xcel Chassis series will close out the season on December 7th with a banquet to honor the champions along with the top teams. October 27th will be the date for the year end meeting where the 2014 schedule will be discussed along with changes in rules and new tracks announced. This meeting is open to the public so anyone looking to be a part of the most affordable form of racing can ask questions with not only the promoter but with drivers and owners who run the series. Keep up on all the latest information on the website at

    FEATURE FINISH (50 laps)
    1.RICHIE HITZLER 2.Nick Mady 3.Aaron Bowes 4.Will Eastman 5.Jonathan Pepe 6.Ryan Higgs 7.Chad Zornek 8.Josh Pepe 9.Nathan Brinker 10.Michael Burrows 11.Tim Van Horn Jr. 12.Abbey Price 13.Mark Ludwig 14.Kailee Dimorier 15.Ian Williamson 16.Brian Mady 17.Skylar Sheriff 18.Eric Whtby 19.Justin Schraden 20.Justin Dimorier 21.Rj Smith 22.Brad Smith 23.Corry Roth 24.Jason Dunkleberger 25.Kam Maby 26.Korey Inglin 27. Ronnie Molnar 28.Shawna Schibilia 29.Barry Stuffelt 30.Shaun Burd 31.Scott Washburn 32.Jordyn Monr 33.Lester Dise 34.Kermit Horning 35.Chuck Bower