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Xcel chassis releases new point system amd rules to a packed crowd

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  • Xcel chassis releases new point system amd rules to a packed crowd


    October 27th was the beginning of new ideas, tweaking old ones and new faces joining the ranks. The
    Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds held an open door meeting to discuss the upcoming 2014 season. "Every year
    promoters start getting ready for the next year. I already have 95% of my schedule done and should
    have it finalized within the next two weeks. I have this meeting every year so I can have feedback
    from the drivers and owners. I can't be every where all the time and this is a way to get back to basics.
    Teams will now know which direction the rule book is taking and can start planning the off season
    and the on season." explained Doug Borger
    The first item on the agenda would be the new point system for the tour division. Heat races will
    not be awarded points and more emphasis will be on attendance. It starts at 150 for the win and works
    down in 5 increments to 11th place then falls to 2 number increments to 24th. 25th and down
    will now get 50 points. There is no more perfect attendance bonus at the end of the season and drivers
    will have now have 2 drop races included in the final total.
    A new LR offset rule was introduced and changed after the majority voiced their opinins.
    The original rule was to to be a maximum of 17 inches from the bottom rail of the frame. After it was
    pointed out the older cars would not have room to change set up, the 18 inch rule came into effect.
    "This is why I attend the yearly meetings, there are no hidden agendas and any questions you have
    can be answered or even voted on." stated Tim VanHorn Jr. after the meeting.
    New to the racing format will be cone races. Just as the leader gets to choose the top or bottom
    lane so will every driver in the feature. A cone is placed at the flaggers stand and as the car comes to it
    they must decide the top or bottom side on the restart. It will be at certain tracks on the schedule and
    will be announced at the drivers meeting held at the track. It should be interesting when 90% of the cars
    run the bottom and who will venture to the top side.
    Restarts have determined outcomes of races from the very beginning and now its time to go back to
    what works. Xcel Chassis will have a 2 cone starting zone where the leader will start the race. No driver
    will be able to pass until they reach the second cone. A fifteen to eighteen foot clearance will not
    bunch the field or give a driver an advantage by jumping the start.
    A reminder was also given about Bilstein shocks. Last year it was implemented that by the year 2014
    every 600 modified must have 2 Bilsteins on any corner of the car and by 2015 all cars will have the
    dependable Bilsteins on all four corners. Bilsteins shocks are a proven shock for the series.
    The Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds have one last race at Five Mile Point Speedway this Saturday Nov. 2nd
    and will offcially close out the season with a banquet on Dec.7th held at the Polk Township Firehouse.
    Doors open at 5 with dinner being served at 6. You can purchase tickets thru Doug by calling
    him at 610-681 2689 and check out all the latest at